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Data from the National Center for Education Statistics shows that, in general, "A" and "B" students can be more than three times as likely to receive postsecondary grants as are "C" students.


This scholarship program will enable "C" or "Near C" students from low-income families to achieve a higher education and break the cycle of generational government dependency.


While many "A" and "B" students have multiple venues of encouragement to achieve higher goals, "C" students are often victims to circumstances beyond control. It is our hope to make their choice to achieve higher goals easier.

Program Description

We are proposing a scholarship program for "C" level high school students living in public and assisted housing throughout the U.S. The scholarships would be sufficient to encourage further education and to defray a portion of books, software, supplies and other materials. Most other scholarship programs provide limited or no support for these items.

Scholarship Program for Students Living in Public & Assisted Housing

Deserving students will be chosen to receive one (1) $1,000 scholarship to encourage further education and to defray a portion of the cost and other materials. The number of eligible awards will be based on funding availability and the number of applicants.

NOW ACCEPTING Applications! Please download the Scholarship application and submit all materials by May 31, 2023.

Click here to download 2023 Scholarship Application

Click here to download 2023 Scholarship Renewal Application

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Our Commitment

As stewards, The Nelrod Company and other donors will provide office facilities, recruit participating volunteers, provide administration, and solicit foundation and other thrid party funding.